Vindyalaiqua Mirilli


Mirilli’s Character Page

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Base Item: +2 Mithral Holy Dagger (small size by default). Due to her past “life”, counts as having the Defending Property, totally for free and not counting against anything.

Alignment: Chaotic Good (emphasis on good)

Senses: 60 feet, blindsense, darkvision

Communication: Empathy, Telepathy

Mental Stats: Straight 12s


  • Can cast Light on self at will
  • Can cast Flare on any creature she successfully damages (or a wielder if someone she doesn’t like picks her up) at will, but only while glowing as Light
  • Can change size at will
  • Can cast True Strike on Wielder 3/day
  • Can cast Shatter on the equipment of any creature she successfully damages (or a wielder if someone she doesn’t like picks her up) 1/day

Controls a Control Stones, one of Aranel’s Telepathic Stones.


  • +1: Blindsense
  • +1: Telepathy
  • +3: Mental Stats
  • +1: Light at will
  • +1: Flare at will
  • +1: True Strike 3/day
  • +1: Shatter 1/day
  • +4: Base Item Cost
  • Total: 13


  • 402 GP: Small Mithral Dagger
  • 32,000 GP: +2 and Holy upgrades
  • 500 GP: Base intelligent item cost
  • 500 GP: 60 foot senses
  • 5000 GP: Blindsense
  • 500 GP: Darkvision
  • 1,000 GP: Telepathy
  • 1,500 GP: Mental Stats
  • 1,000 GP: Light at will
  • 1,000 GP: Flare at will
  • 1,200 GP: True Strike 3/day
  • 2,400 GP: Shatter 1/day
  • Total: 47,002 GP

Magic Auras:

  • Moderate Divination: Telepathy
  • Moderate Evocation [Good]: Holy
  • Moderate Transmutation (Polymorph): Change Size
  • Faint Divination: Darkvision
  • Faint Divination: Blindsense
  • Faint Divination: True Strike
  • Faint Evocation [Light]: Light
  • Faint Evocation [Light]: Flare
  • Faint Evocation [Sonic]: Shatter

Alignment Aura: Moderate Chaotic, Moderate Good


Reforged from RĂșcina, Mirilli was crafted for Van’s use, and controls one of Aranel’s telepathy crystals.

Vindyalaiqua Mirilli

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