Gray Hat


Aura: Moderate Evocation and Illusion
CL: 10th
Slot: Head
Price: ((???))
Weight: —

This hat looks like a normal hat of disguise, albeit with a somewhat wider brim. It functions like a Hat of Disguise in all ways, except that unless the wearer specifically desires otherwise, the disguise it makes is so bland and uninteresting that people have trouble even noticing you, let alone discerning the disguise. When used to make a bland disguise like this, it provides a +2 circumstance bonus to stealth checks against vision only, which is increased to +5 if people are not specifically looking for you.

Additionally, while you are disguised with a bland disguise, you may (as a free action) become so bland as to become effectively invisible. Living creatures (not constructs or undead) looking at you must pass a will save (DC 20) or not notice you at all (they treat you as invisible, as the spell, though the effect only ends if you attack while in their line of sight). This power lasts for 1 round. It can be activated again on your next turn, but after the first round, each round has a 10% per consecutive round used chance of failing and rendering this power unusable for 1 minute (so the 1st round has no chance, a 2nd consecutive round has a 10% chance, a 3rd has a 20% chance, and so on). You are not actually invisible, of course, just so bland that people’s eyes slide right off you.

Additionally, anyone who seen you wearing the hat (whether active or not) takes a -5 penalty on any Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Knowledge, or similar checks to learn about you. Note that there is some threshold of familiarity above which this power will not work, but it is fairly obvious and yet surprisingly hard to codify! But for example, someone you talk to every day would not run into this penalty.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Disguise Self, Modify Memory.
Cost: ???


Gray Hat

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