Juggernaut Armor


Juggernaut Armor

This massive suit of armor glitters with metals spikes of all varieties. Specially crafted for barbarians, this armor, far heavier than full-plate, is cleverly constructed and enchanted to minimally hinder the wearer. The armor, which covers nearly every square inch of the user, is animated and capable of moving in tandem with its wearer (though it cannot move on its own if not worn, it simply works with a wearer), allowing him to move fairly easily. This enchantment also allows the armor to support much of its own weight when worn, which further frees the user.

The suit is comprised of several distinct pieces:

A +1 Mithral Chain Shirt forms the innermost layer of protection. This chain shirt may be worn separately from the rest, and is normal for its kind, and increases (when worn separately or with the rest of the armor) the wearer’s run multiplier by 1 (for example, if worn alone, the wearer may run x5, and when worn with the rest of the suit, may run at x4).

Over this goes a suit of +1 Mithral Full Plate. As with the chain shirt, the Full Plate may be worn without the rest of the armor, or worn with just the the chain shirt, or with the entire suit. While worn (alone or as part of the complete suit), the Full Plate grants the wearer a +1 bonus to their strength score for the purposes of calculating encumbrance only. This stacks with enchantment bonuses to strength such as granted by Bull’s Strength, but not with effects such as Ant Haul or a Masterwork Backpack. Even when the breastplate is worn over it, the enchantments in the armor keep it treated as if it were only Medium Armor.

Finally, a large breastplate of adamantine is attached over the full plate (it cannot be worn separately, and requires both lighter pieces of armor to be worn). Spiked with Mithral, Adamantine, and Cold iron, the breastplate is fully 4 inches thick in the middle and typically “lacquered” with finely wrought gold and silver designs. This breastplate grants the wearer DR 3/— like adamantine heavy armor. The breastplate provides additional enhancement to strength, increasing the Full Plate’s enhancement bonus for encumbrance to +2, and allowing the wearer to ignore half the ACP of any shield worn at the same time (to a minimum of 1), as well as doubling the max dex in the event of a Tower Shield. Any penalties to attack from wielding a shield (such as a Tower Shield or Buckler) are also halved to a minimum of -1. The mass of the breastplate also grants the wearer a +1 bonus on Bull Rush and Overrun Combat Maneuvers (or any similar maneuvers) per 5 feet moved prior to the maneuver that turn.

The suit also comes with a pair of +1 Spiked Gauntlets, and a +1 Spiked Helmet (treat as a Spiked Gauntlet, which can be used even if the suits normal gauntlets are not worn).

The helmet is a fearsome full-helm, shaped like a bestial and predatory animal’s head. It grants the wearer a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks, and a -4 penalty to Diplomacy checks while worn. If worn in conjunction with the breastplate, and the wearer possess the Dazzling Display feat, he may use the armor as his weapon (despite not having Weapon Focus in the armor), and increases the feat’s range to 50 feet if he does so. If he does not have the Dazzling Display Feat, he may use it with a range of 15 feet once per day when the helm and breastplate are worn together. When the Helm and Breastplate are worn in conduction, the armor also automatically activates a power identical to the Deadly Juggernaut spell whenever the wearer enters a Rage, either with the spells Rage or Moonstruck (or any other similar spells), or the Barbarian Class Feature of the same name. In either case, the effect ends when the rage ends. This ability is assumed to have caster level 15 if needed.

The Spiked Armor, Spiked Gauntlets, and Spiked Helmet are all +1 Weapons, and due to the multitude of different spikes, the wearer may choose to make attacks with adamantine, cold iron, or mithral spikes for any of the attacks. Both helm and gauntlets are primarily made of mithral.

The helmet, gauntlets, full plate, and chain shirt may all be worn independently, but the breastplate can only be worn if at least both the chain shirt and full plate are also worn. The disparate pieces are enchanted in such a way that they can sense missing pieces, allowing the wearer of any one piece to know the direction and location of any other pieces (as if by the Status spell). Additionally, only one creature may wear parts of the armor at a time. Once one piece is donned, any pieces donned by other creatures lose all their magical enchantments while the first piece is worn, and actively hinder the wearer (count as non-proficient, and the helm imposes a -5 penalty to perception checks). Thus, while the helm and gauntlets may be worn independently, they cannot both be worn by different creatures.

The armor requires 12000 GP each of adamantine and Mithral to construct, as well as 2000 GP of Cold Iron.

Each suit of Juggernaut Armor is specifically crafted for a single individual. No other creatures (save identical twins) can wear the armor properly, and are considered non-proficient and to have donned the armor hastily. Creatures of the same race, and within 5% height and weight of the intended user may wear the armor proficiently, but are still considered to have donned it hastily. Due to the precise nature of the armor’s ability to move with the wearer, it is typically easier to craft a new suit rather than have an existing suit fitted to a new user, though the process can be completed (costing 10,000 GP, and taking 10 days).

The full suit takes 10 minutes to don, and requires at least 2 helpers the same size as the wearer (creatures 1 size smaller count as ‘half a creature’ but larger creatures do not count as 2). If donned hastily (which takes 5 minutes) or without sufficient help, the armor is treated as Heavy Armor, doubles its ACP and halves its max dex bonus, does not provide the increase to the wearer’s strength for encumbrance, and prevents the wearer from running at all. The armor can be removed in 10 minutes alone, or in 5 minutes with help. The individual components may be donned as normal if worn separately, and do not penalize the user any worse than normal if donned hastily. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to sell individual pieces of the armor.

For the purposes of further enchantments, the suit is considered to be a + 3 equivalent suit (+ 1 Enhancement Bonus, included below, and +2 in special abilities). The armor spikes, spiked gauntlets, and spiked helm are all +1 weapons (and have already payed the extra 2000 GP to add magical properties to Cold Iron). Although the Gauntlets, Helm, and Spikes may be enhanced individually, each piece of armor (the Chain Shirt, Full Plate, and Breastplate) must bear identical enhancements (but do not worry about price, Volug! We’ll make it a “plot-upgraded item”).

Final prices, stats, etc of the disparate elements:

+1 Mithral Chain Shirt (Light Armor)

Stats Price Armor Bonus Max Dex ACP Spell Failure Speed Weight
Worn Alone 10100GP +5 +6 -0 10% 30ft 12.5 lbs

Auras: Faint Transmutation and Divination
CL: 5
Requirements: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Haste, Status, Crafter must have the Run feat.
The Chain Shirt has 30 Hit Points and Hardness 15.

+1 Mithral Full Plate (Counts as Medium Armor)

Stats Price Armor Bonus Max Dex ACP Spell Failure Speed Weight
Worn Alone 19500GP +10 +3 -3 25% 20 ft 25 lbs
With Shirt +11 +4 -3 35% 20ft 37.5 lbs

Auras: Moderate Transmutation and Divination
CL: 11
Requirements: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Haste, Ant Haul, Status, Animate Objects
The Chain Shirt has 60 hit points and hardness 15.

Spiked Adamantine Breastplate

Stats Price Armor Bonus Max Dex ACP Spell Failure Speed Weight
Alone 36300 —(Cannot be worn alone) 60lbs
Ensemble +14 +4 -3* 50% 20ft 97.5 lbs


Price Dmg (m) Crit Weight Type Special
1D8(+1) x2 P Adamantine, Cold Iron, or Mithral
  • Note, the ACP is doubled for Stealth and Swimming, as well as for any checks that require fine manual dexterity (such as some Disable Device checks) because the armor sinks like a stone, is noisy, and cannot aid in fine manipulations.
    Auras: Strong Enchantment, Transmutation, Divination, and Necromancy and Faint No School (for the spikes)
    CL: 15
    The Breastplate has 160 HP and hardness 20.
    Requirements: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Rage or Moonstruck, Deadly Juggernaut, Ant Haul, Animate Objects, Status, Crafter must have the feat Improved Overrun or Improved Bull Rush.

Gauntlets (each)

Price Dmg (m) Crit Weight Type Special
7510 1D6(+1) x2 0.5 lbs P Adamantine, Cold Iron, or Mithral

Auras: Faint Divination
CL: 3
Requirements: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Status
Each gauntlet has 30 HP and hardness 15.


Price Dmg (m) Crit Weight Type Special
14080 1D6(+1) x2 1.5 lbs P Adamantine, Cold Iron, or Mithral

Auras: Moderate Necromancy, Divination, and Transmutation
CL: 10
Requirements: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Deadly Juggernaut, Status, Crafter must have at least 5 ranks in Intimidate or be a barbarian.
The helmet has 30 HP and hardness 15

Note that the multitude of spikes on the gauntlets, helm, and armor make it deal damage as if 1 size larger (this does not affect usage)

Final for complete suit:
Price: 95,000 GP
Weight: 100 lbs

Additional Upgrade Options for the future (cost mostly for time-expenditure):

  • Flight
    • Add a set of metal Wings of FLying. 54000 GP, does NOT use Shoulder Slot
  • Sealed
    • Add bottle of air and seal the helm and full plate. When helm and full plate are worn together, wearer may breath underwater (or in space) and is immune to inhaled poisons. 10000 GP
  • Enhanced Strength
    • Add Bull’s Strength to the Breastplate, allowing the wearer to wield 2-handed weapons one-handed but still benefit from them as if they were 2-handed. 10,000 GP.
  • Self-Repairing
    • Add Make Whole, to allow each piece of armor to regain 1 point of lost HP per hour, and to be able to mend its own broken condition. 10K. 
  • Fear Aura
    • Add Bane, and Fear in a 15-foot sphere (not 30 foot cone). 20K. 

Juggernaut Armor

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