Range Scope

A special Spyglass, modified to be able to measure distances and sizes


Range Scope (masterwork only). 1025 GP, 1lb.

The tool itself looks like a collapsable telescope or spyglass, made of 2 tubes, perhaps 6 inches long, that can slide together. The lenses are carefully marked, and it magnifies as they are pulled apart.

In addition to working as a spyglass as usual, there are two additional ways to use the tool:

  1. Measure Range: In order to use this method, there must be an object of roughly known size at the range you wish to measure. Then, you simply “zoom in” until the object fills the lense between two tick marks (for example, if you estimate a human to be 6 feet tall, then you would zoom in until the human’s feet are on the 0 line (bottom/side of the lens) and his head is at the 6’ line). You then look at the top of the tube, where ranges are marked on the inner tube. Accurate to 10% for ranges up to 400 feet, providing that your height estimate is accurate. Longer ranges can be judged by a simple doubling principle – if you think something is 6 feet tall, you zoom until it fills the 12’ marks (marks up to 15 feet) and double the range shown, but this doubles the inaccuracy as well.
  2. Measure size: Alternatively, this can be used to measure a size of an object at a known distance. Simply set the tube to the appropriate range, and read off the size on the marks on the lens. As before, accurate to within 10% out to 400 feet assuming a good range estimate, and can be doubled as above.

Range Scope

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