City Names

The Main Cities:

North: Litse (pron: “lits”)
Mid: Sanye (pron: “san-yay”)
South: Alcale (pron: “ahl-cail”, rhymes with jail)
West (forest): Lebeth (pron: Leh-beth")
East: Lyn (pron: Lihn)


Litse: princess, LG (NOT paladinly LG!)
Sanye: prince, LN
Alcale: prince, LG (a little closer to paladinly LG but not quite)
Lebeth: prince, NG
Lyn: Princess Aranel, CG

Smaller Towns:

Tea Lulne (“tay-ah lul-nay”): The “crossroads” town near Lyn:

Although compared to Lyn it is downright tiny, it is still a fairly large town with a population in the thousands at least. It’s nestled between several large hills, and has a good sized river flowing through it approximately north-south. Compared to Lyn, the buildings are a bit more structural and less decorative, with thick stone walls. The town itself has a wooden/log stake wall around it, but it’s only 10 or 15 feet tall. There is a gate facing you, and two more on the other side of the town that you can see, one north-ish and one south-ish. The wall is built up in arches over the river, and you can see several bridges in town.

For whatever reason, there is a higher-than-average Elf population here (so, probably around ~50% of the population is elves, the rest split in normal proportions between the the other non-dwarf races.

As for inns/taverns, there are numerous inns in the town, and each has a tavern on the ground floor, with sleeping room above and/or out-back (there may be some stand-alone taverns, of course). One of Van’s favorite inns in the town is called “Gnome’s Delight”, run by a gnome family. However, the entire inn is sized for Small creatures, though they have a couple rooms that could accommodate mediums. So, you might be able to get the party in there, but it may be tight. However, it’s a good place to meet halflings and gnomes and small fey, and usually a great place for rumors, as well.

Another inn Van likes (and Kauth may have stayed there, too), is the Watering Hole, run by one of the few dwarves in the town. It’s a little rougher (gnomes and halflings can take their liquor and just get more fun when drunk. Dwarves and humans tend to get rowdy when drunk), but also a great place to gather information. It’s rare to find elves there, however.

Finally, there’s the Treeflower, the tallest building in town near the center, with 6 stories. It’s run by elves, though there’s a rumor that the current innkeeper/manager actually has some fey blood. They serve excellent wines, including an Assassin Vine wine that reminds Van a bit of home, but not much hard liquor. It’s also a good place for rumors, though the clients and staff are a little more reserved (and harder to get drunk without them noticing).

Again, there are other inns, but those are probably the best 3 inns in town (and which is better depends largely on the company you keep.)

City Names

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