Lycans are fairly common in this world. To make them fit in more, here are some new things relating to Lycans:

New Feats

Animal Speech
Prerequisites: Natural Lycan OR 5 ranks Control Shape
Benefit: The Lycan may speak in their animal form. (this allows them to cast spells with verbal components as well, though somatic is beyond their ability with this feat alone)

Animal Spell
Prerequisites: Natural Lycan OR 5 ranks Control Shape
Benefit: The Lycan may use substitute animal motions and grunts for somatic and verbal components. Note that they must still be able to supple material components. Note that this does not allow speech.

Fast Transform
Prerequisites: Natural Lycan OR 5 ranks Control Shape
Benefit: The lycan may transform as a move action instead of a standard action, and transforming still does not provoke an AOO.

New material

Lycan Hide Lycan hide can be used to make clothing or, when stretched over dragonhide or wood, armor. Lycan Hide armor costs the same as Adamantine armor, and provides the same DR (although it is /silver). It weighs one quarter the normal weight, reduces the armor bonus by 1 (min 1), and makes the max dex and ACP bonus both better by 1, and reduces arcane spell failure by 10% (this is in addition to the fact that they are always masterwork). Also, most lycans will attack the wearer of Lycan Hide armor on sight (though you can try to justify why you have it). Shields may be made of Lycan Hide with the same notes above – Bucklers are light armor, Light shields are medium armor (joy!), and heavy and tower shields are heavy armor (Only use the wood shield base cost/weight). Magic items that have large surface area – such as capes and vestments – may also be made of Lycan Hide, counting as light armor for cost and DR. Since the armor is hide and/or wood, druids may freely wear it.

Two new types of Lycan

Naturally Afflicted Lycan
This is a sort of blending of Natural and Afflicted, which represents a weaker form of natural lycan. They are treated as afflicted lycans in all ways, except that they gain a bonus rank in Control Shape with every HD, and they can spread the curse of lycanthropy like a natural lycan. Naturally Afflicted lycans are formed by a lycan (any type) father and a non-lycan mother (I have a full list of permutations available if anyone wants). If the mother is a Lycan in any respect, the offspring are natural lycans. Also, although Lycanthropy is not an STD, a non-lycan humanoid mother becomes afflicted if her fetus is a lycan one third of the way into the pregnancy.

Lycan Spawn
Formed when a lycan in animal or hybrid form mates with a compatible animal, a Lycan Spawn is more like an animal with human-like sentience than anything else. Spawn are always either natural or naturally afflicted, and as such this is an inherited template. Lycan Spawn are treated as lycans in all respects, however, they may never change to a humanoid form, they only have hybrid and animal forms available (and animal is considered their default form, so change Control Shape modifiers accordingly). Their stats are rolled just like any other character (including any mental stats: they are like awakened animals in that regard), and then add in the racial bonus for their animal’s physical scores. A Lycan Spawn can spread Lycanthropy. If the Lycan Spawn is raised by parents who can speak, the Lycan Spawn gains the racial language of that/those parents (it is possible for neither parent to be an animal: two lycan spawn mate to produce more lycan spawn). Either way, they may later learn languages with the Linguistics skill though only if they are exposed to the languages as usual. A Lycan Spawn’s lifespan and age categories are equal to the average of the two parents (which means that an elf-wolf lycan spawn would still be a child when the animal parent dies). Their type is Monstrous Humanoid

Since Lycan Spawn tend to be superior to non-lycan-spawn animals, in the case of a wolf-pack raising for example one lycan spawn and several normal wolves (for example, if a wolf mother mates with a lycan father and then the mother returns to her pack), the Lycan Spawn has a difficult position: They are superior, so should win in a Darwinian sense, but they also mature more slowly, which means they may stay blind or whatever longer. Therefore, unless both parents have similar life spans (horses and humans, for example, are fairly close), the natural lycan is no more or less likely to survive than an animal

Side Note: If the father of any kind of lycan is a non-lycan humanoid and sticks around with the mother until the children are born, the father is almost guaranteed to become afflicted when the children hit the “teething stage” (25% chance per day for several months) – It is therefore advisable in such unions that the mother bites the father soon after conception (but any time before giving birth) so that the father gets his first transform (when he has no control) out of the way before the children are born.

Assorted rule changes:

No gear merges with Lycans during a transform. Clothing (but not armor) may be hastily doffed as part of the transform. If armor that cannot fit the animal form is worn and the animal form is larger than the human form, the armor is destroyed and deals it AC bonus in damage to the Lycan. Magic Armor may make a save to avoid being destroyed, though the straps slip and thus the armor still falls off. Lycans remain in whatever form they were in at death, and severed limbs or similar likewise keep their form

Lycanthropy does not force any alignment change.

Lycanthropy as a curse
Since I am loosening the target restrictions of just about everything, lycanthropy is likewise loosened. Any roughly humanoid shaped mortal living creature can be affected by lycanthropy, although any creature that cannot normally be affected receives a +5 bonus on their save to resist (should you wish to be inflicted on purpose, a natural 1 fails saves, so you can simply have a friendly liken “take 20” so to speak on biting you providing you have someone to cure your physical wounds!)

Natural Lycans
Although even baby natural lycans have control over changing shape, they must still pass Control Shape checks to avoid changing with the moon until adulthood (they are treated as if they have one rank per HD, which generally means they have a +4 modifier for 1 rank and +3 class skill with rank on the test)


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