Telepathic Stones

There are three types of Telepathic Stones:

  • Node: This is the default crystal type. It allows the wearer to contact any Master Stones telepathically, provided the can identify the stone uniquely (see below). Additionally, the holder of a Master Stone may look through the crystal with all their mundane and magical senses, though both the Master and Node stone glow continuously while used in this fashion.
    • Aura: Faint Divination
  • Control: Very few Control Stones have been made. A Control Stone works in all ways as a Node stone, and in addition, it may be used to initiate a conversation with any other Stone type (Node, Control, or Master) if the user can uniquely identify the target stone (see below). However, the Control stone (only) glows continuously while used to contact Node stones. At the Control Stone holder’s wish, any gem being contacted can pulse with light to alert the intended target. A Control Stone may either target a specific stone, broadcast to a specific list of stones, or to all stones within a 2 mile radius.
    • Aura: Moderate Divination
  • Master: Aranel holds the only known Master Stone. This works as a Control Stone, and in addition, allows the user to concentrate on any stone they can uniquely identify (see below) and see through it as if they were actually there. All their senses, magical or mundane, work, though both the Master stone and the target stone glow continuously while used in this way. While looking through the stone, the user is effectively blind (that is, if you look through the stone, you cannot simultaneously observe the surroundings of your body). Additionally, a Master Stone may be used to broadcast too all Node and Control Stones.
    • Aura: Strong Divination

Uniquely Identifying Stones

There are two ways to uniquely identify a stone. First off, you can identify a stone by the name of the intended user, so long as you can identify them uniquely (usually by name and forming a clear mental image). In this case, the person in question will be contacted regardless of what stone they are holding, providing they are holding at least one stone. Additionally, each stone is inscribed with a unique rune. This can be used to contact a specific stone regardless of who is holding it (useful if a stone is misplaced or stolen). The act of contacting a stone imprints that stone’s unique rune on the caller’s mind, such that once contacted, they may re-contact that stone.

Telepathic Stones

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