Bear Hug: You are skilled fighter with your bare hands and claws. Any time you hit with both your claw attacks against the same creature who is your size or smaller, you may make a free Grapple attempt with a +2 bonus to your attack roll.

Connectons: You have connections, either to the seedy underworld, bartenders, or similar. Choose one such class (which is NOT the same as Class!!) of people now (check with me as needed, but for example, thieves, guards, bar/inneepers (that is one choice), hawkers, minstrels, and similar are all appropriate). Such characters will treat you as one step more friendly than you are for the purposes of Diplomacy Checks made to gather information (an effective +5 bonus), and for any similar checks at the DMs discretion. Each “class” will have different information to give, of course. Alternatively, you may select a class of people less known for their gossip (such as say blacksmiths), and I will determine some similar bonus (a blacksmith would let you use his forge for metalwork, for example, so this would be a good choice if you have craft ranks in it).

Exiled: You were banished from your homelands, either because you committed some crime or just annoyed the wrong person (lol jar jar). Whatever the reason, you rarely speak of it with others. Creatures in your homeland will treat you as an enemy (or be unfriendly at least), and there is a chance that people from your homeland encountered outside your homeland have heard of your exile and will refuse to help you, though they will not necessarily attack you either. Due to the differences in population density of each race, I am not locking down what that chance is, it will be plot-based.

Diver: You are an exceptional diver and have mastered the art of entering water at high speed. When you dive into water (defined as moving straight or almost straight down from at least an altitude of 10 feet into water), you may continue to use your fly speed for the remainder of your movement this round. Additionally, when diving, you never take falling damage for hitting the water (this does not help if you actually do fall and are unable to save yourself, or if you hit rocks in the water!). Or in easier terms to understand: On the turn that you transition from flying to swimming, you may use your fly speed under water providing that you at least made it look like you dived. This saves us both some math headaches as we would rarely have to go “ok, so you flew for 10 feet, which is 1/6th of your fly move speed, so that counts as 1/6th of your swim speed, so you can swim for 25 more feet”

Fated: The manner of your birth, your appearance, or some other detail fits the description in a well-known prophecy or legend, and everyone expects you to fulfill it (we will work together on the prophecy). Whether you appreciate the attention or resent it, you have started having visions. At first, you wrote them off as mere dreams, but you soon realized they came true. If you select this trait, you let me use you for some deus ex machina if I need to (i.e. “oh, crap, i forgot to tell them about the dragon!” – never more than providing you with information), and in return, you may use Legend Lore (as the spell) once per month as part of your nightly rest, with no components and no specified casting time (meaning you can do the 2D6 weeks version in a night). However, you must be a part of the legend lore (so, you can look for something you want to do so that you know how to do it, but you cannot use it to find out where NOT to go). Also, expect most random people to know said prophecy, as it will color their actions.

Great Stamina: You are used to walking long hours, and seem impervious to fatigue. You may walk for a number of hours equal to your constitution modifier (minimum 1 if your mod is 0 or negative, maximum 5 ) beyond 8 hours without taking forced march checks. In addition, you may ignore any condition which causes fatigue (including forced march) or convert any condition that causes exhaustion into fatigue instead with a DC20 CON check (a roll of 20 always succeeds, a roll of 1 always fails for this check). The DC is increased by 2 for each time you have used this ability in the past 48 hours (walking beyond the usual forced march threshold without taking checks because of this does not count as using this).

Hey, aren’t you that guy who—?: You saved someone’s life or provided some other substantial aid. As far as you are concerned, you only did what was right, and you never expected anything in return. However, the person you aided had an almost miraculous network of friends and relations, and within a short period of time it seemed as if everyone knew you had saved poor Sally, or whatever it is that you did. On entrance to any city, village, or similar geographic area, you may choose if this was the city that you helped someone in (subject to plausible feasibility). This is a difficult bonus to quantify, but basically, some shop owners in that town will generally be more receptive to haggling, and people will do minor services for you occasionally. Additionally, you gain the one-time ability to choose any NPC in that city as the person you aided in the past. You may make this choice any time you meet a “new” NPC in your chosen city. In the case of a shop-keeper, this can be after I tell you what he is selling, so long as not too much exposition has happened. This NPC and his immediate family will do some large service for you in exchange for your previous help, and will be especially helpful in general. Note: This trait will also be “virtually” handed out in the campaign from time to time as appropriate (with the NPC pre-chosen). Choosing it now in essence gives you one extra person that you helped “off-screen”.

Notorious: You are a well-known thief, at least amongs the lower eschelons of society. The rougher thieves see you as a goodie-goodie and do not apprecciate you poaching their targets. Hardcore criminals are suspicious of you, and will rarely help you. They will blame the capture of any of their friends on you, for in their eyes you must be an informant to the law. Whether or not that is true, you walk a precarious line with the guards on one side and thugs and murderers on the other.

Sacred Touch (Edited): Your very touch is a blessing. As an immediate action, you may use any one of the following effects as a Ex ability (although you count your HD for level-related effects): bless (as a touch spell), bless water, bless weapon, stabilize, purify food and drink. As an immediate action, this may be used even when it is not your turn, such as when making an attack of opportunity. This may be used a number of times per day equal to your Charisma Modifier (and the count is TOTAL, not per ability).

Saving Grace: You are blessed by your celestial heritage. You gain a bonus of +1 on your checks to become stable when reduced to negative HP.

Sworn Enemy: Whether because of your heritage, your actions, or even just your looks, you rubbed someone the wrong way and have acquired an enemy for life. You will have a persistent rival. This will be a character stronger than most, who will advance in levels as the party does to continue to be a challenge. 

Trickster: You may use Mage Hand to perform ranged legerdemain per a Arcane Trickster, although you must cast Mage Hand and therefore are potentally subject to Attacks of Opportunity.


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