Void Metal

Copied and minimally edited from email, for now. Note that some details changed in later emails.

Void metal is a special type of metal with many inherent magic-negating properties. It appears to be a dull silvery color. Even a flat sheet of it, highly polished, shows only the vaguest fuzzy blob of a reflection. It has a low melting point , tossing it in conventional fire will liquify it easily. Although relatively rare, the dwarves in the southern mountains have several profitable mines and sell the stuff regularly in towns. Although soft and (relatively) easily bent, it is difficult to actually shatter (although it does tend to stretch slightly). The material is non-magnetic, a poor conductor of electricity (unusual for a metal), and is generally rather inert.

Special qualities are as follows: Melts in even normal fire or if struck by lightning or exposed to similar heat of roughly that temperature for more than a few seconds. It does not lose any of its other properties if melted, but the point is it can be trivially reforged in a camp-fire. HP, Hardness, price, etc to be determined later. Its main property is as follows: Any character touching the metal finds their magical powers sapped. Each ounce (approx) of the material touched (must touch flesh, not clothing) makes the character count as one level lower than they are for any magical effects they naturally have (for example, a fourth level druid touching one ounce loses her wild shape ability, as it is Su and they are “virtually level 3”). This reduces the number of spells they can cast while touching it (though does not affect spells known), and may make a character with natural spell-like abilities unable to use them (if they drop to a level lower than the caster level of the spell like ability). This affects any magic that an Anti-Magic field can (Su, Sp, and spells), and a sufficient quantity can render casters utterly useless. Additionally, a sheet of the material functions as a sheet of lead where necessary. This reduction also applies to any magic items that touch the creatures flesh

Additionally, the caster level of any magical effects that are applied to the character touching the material is lessened by one per ounce. If this level is insufficient for the magical effect to have been utilized, the spell fails to affect the target creature. If the spell specifically targets the creature (that is, they are the “primary target”) with the material, the spell is reduced in power for all recipients, but if the character is merely inside an area of effect, the reduction only applies to the character with the material. Thus, if a level 3 wizard casts a level 2 spell at a creature holding one ounce of the material, the spell does nothing (as the wizard’s spell is at an effective caster level 2, which is too low to cast a second level spell). Magical effects directly affecting the material (such as a spell targeted at the material, or if the material finds itself in magical flame) is subject to double the caster level reduction.

Weapons or ammunition crafted from the material deal damage as two sizes smaller and reduce their crit multiplier by 1 (to a min of x2). Unlike usual crit modifiers, this modifier stacks with absolutely everything, and applies first in case order of operation matters. Armor made from the material halves its AC bonus (round UP), and doubles arcane spell failure rate (no other changes) (other modifications may be necessary to random items as needed). Magical items MAY be made of this material, but it cuts the effective level of the spells in question by two thirds (i.e. divide by three). Similarly, Ammunition with Void Metal tips reduces the caster level of any magical effects granted on them by the weapon fired from by 2/3s (i.e. divide by three).

A spell caster feels physically tired and drained while in contact with the material (though they are not actually fatigued), so they know their magic sucks.

Should a creature rely on magic for its very existence (defined as a creature that would disappear if it walked into an AMF), it takes D10 damage that ignores all damage reduction per ounce touched per round.

(kinda confusing, I know)

Multiple creatures may touch the same “chunk” of the material, but divide the weight evenly between all characters touching it to determine level reduction. Touching a character who is holding this material splits the amount between you as above, but only if your flesh touches theirs. Hair, horns, hooves, etc do not count.

Common uses: Although relatively easy to break, manacles made out of the substance are one of the only ways to actually imprison unlawful mages. Additionally, arrowheads (approx 1 ounce / arrow head, they are made slightly larger) made of the material can be used to weaken enemy casters. Fighters who wish to avoid the powers of enemy mages frequently wear a medallion of the material, or have bracelets or similar crafted out of them. Nets with hooks of the material are also commonly used by law enforcement to catch wayward casters. A room with a thin sheet of the material in all walls and the roof or ceiling is utterly impenetrable to magic, even teleportation spells cannot teleport “through” it

Specific Notes:
  • Horseshoes or circlets (or similar) made of the material are unlikely to work as expected: Hooves and hair are not living, so would not necessarily work.
  • This also applies to permanent magical effects (but not instantaneous ones except at the instant the magic is used), or magical effects with a duration. A character with enough of the material may walk normally through a field of Reverse Gravity, for example, or could walk right through a Gate without teleporting (or harming the Gate)
  • A weapon made of this material would reduce the “effective level” of spells like mage armor on the targets attacked, so a sword of the material would cut right through Mage Armor as if it wasn’t there unless it was cast by a exceptionally powerful mage (one pound effectively reduces level by 20, so a 5 pound sword would cut through mage armor of up to caster level 100).
  • Melted and used as a sort of embalming fluid, it is an effective means of rendering a corpse unsuitable for revification, but of course spells that do not require a corpse, or only a small piece of one, are not affected.

Price: 2000 GP per pound. “Serving size” is 1/20 of a pound (slightly less than an ounce), so 100 GP per “unit”.

Void Metal

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