Avása has been sneak attacked by Van while invisible, although he was distracted at the time and facing the other way. Avása has also demonstrated a surprising capacity for combat while blinded, having successfully hit at least one caster moving away from the beast. This suggests that Avása has the Blind-Fight feat, but can still be distracted long enough for a sneak attack.

Like all drow, he is blinded by bright light, but has an ability to create spheres of magical darkness around him, allowing him to act effectively in natural daylight.


This creature is tall for a drow, nearly 5’3" tall, and you would estimate his weight at around 100 to 110 pounds. He has vicious claws, large, almost vampiric fangs (though all his teeth are pointed), glowing red eyes with cat pupils, four horns, two protruding from his forehead and another pair curving out and up from his temples. His hands are viciously clawed, as are his great, bat-like wings.

He wears a black breastplate sporting spikes and spiked greaves but foregoes the usual gauntlets that come with armor, preferring his own claws. The armor is worn over a simple black robe. A brilliant red gem hangs on a golden chain about his neck, and he wears a dark backpack. He carries an incredibly vicious looking scythe, made of black wood with a gleaming blade. He also has a pair of sickles, worn on his back, under his pack, and two starknives at his waist.

His skin a charcoal-black, and his hair is a pale purple color, worn slicked back into a thin tail ending just below his shoulders.

His entire body occasionally seems to blur and disappear for short periods of time.


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