Kauth Templar


Kauth’s Character Page

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In the rare case you run across Kauth in this true form, you likely get a sense of why he disguises himself as a plain human so much of the time. On the tall side for a human, Kauth would manage to appear mostly normal were it not for the large feathered wings on his back and the fact that his eyes shine like polished gold. Black hair cut short and topped with a flat-brimmed hat that looks weather worn and faded with age adorns his head. Young and thin, his frame implies a lean strength that belies his casual stance. His equiptment is as travel worn as he is, most noticibly his chain shirt and cloak which look to have had better days. A carefree attitude masks a weary soul and a troubled past. Those who get to know Kauth quickly find he is loathe to tie himself down, though he often finds himself going against his better knowledge. As much a feature as his hat, Kauth is rarely seen without his walking staff, a simple, firm, and smooth length of wood that has been magically worked and restored as Kauth has poured what money he makes adventuring into its upgrades. Not many people expect such apathy towards humans from a half-celestial, but Kauth’s life has left him with little pity for those who share his mother’s blood. Or, at least, that is what he tells himself.

Kauth Templar

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