A roguish yet good-hearted pixie


Van’s Character Page

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Van grew up in the great western forest, along with most of the other pixies in the region. Like the other pixies, Van often displays a mischievous sense of humor, and loves to play tricks on mortals. However, unlike those other pixies, Van has discovered that cities are full of mortals that can easily be “pranked”, and started hanging around the city more than the forest. He generally does what he considers to be the “Right Thing”; however, this includes things such as liberating expensive objects from unworthy owners, and redistributing food so that nobody goes hungry. Early on Van was a little careless, and almost landed himself in serious trouble. However, he quickly found a more experienced mentor, a halfling, who helped Van learn how to stay out of trouble. He spent a good deal of time training with this mentor, annoying wealthy scrooges, and assisting the destitute. Since learning the ropes from his halfling mentor, Van has been traveling from city to city for some time. He’s not sure exactly how long, but would estimate it as “just a few years”.

Most of the time, Van is fairly inconspicuous, wearing dull-colored, baggy-looking clothing. However, when he wants to, he can quickly convert his clothing into flashy, brightly colored garments, which he usually uses when he needs to entertain a crowd, draw attention to himself, or when he’s hanging out with other pixies. In addition, Van’s clothing has numerous folds and pockets, which he occasionally uses to hide things in, or just to carry things when he doesn’t feel like reaching into his haversack.

As well as the convertible clothing, Van also has a hat and shoes, neither of which can change color significantly. However, both are a shade that fits in with either dull or bright shades: the hat (sort of like this one from the Oliver Twist movie) is a dark red color, and the shoes, closer to simple cloth wrappings (he doesn’t walk that much, after all), are a dark shade of blue.


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