Intelligent Items

((This info is a preliminary attempt, and is subject to change without warning. -dylanryan))

Intelligent items in AMF or covered in Void Metal

While within an AMF or similar, an intelligent item is essentially unconscious, in what amounts to a near death state. They remain unconscious after leaving the field until they can pass a CHA test (DC 10 + number of rounds they were in the AMF – number of rounds since they left, min DC 10). Prolonged exposure (1 hour or more) has a chance of actually “killing” the intelligent item. Each hour of exposure has a 1% chance of causing the death of the item (though they can be “revived” by any character with the newly made Craft Intelligent Items feat, see below).

Intelligent Items and destruction

Breaking an Intelligent item does not kill the item, rather the consciousness remains in the largest piece. Only the complete destruction of an item (throwing into the fires of Mt. Doom, disintegrate, etc) can actually permanently kill the entity. And even then, it is difficult to know if the entity was truly destroyed, or just lost.

Craft Intelligent Items

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Caster Level 11th

Benefit: You can create intelligent items. Enhancing a weapon, suit of armor, shield, or other item takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in the price of its intelligent features (not counting mental scores), plus 1 week to actually create the intelligence. To enhance a weapon, suit of armor, shield, or other item, you must use up raw materials costing half of this total price (not counting mental scores). See the magic item creation rules in Magic Items for more information. Note that you cannot craft an intelligent items with mental scores in excess of your own. The weapon, armor, shield, or item to be enhanced must be a magical item that you provide. Its cost is not included in the above cost. You can also mend a broken intelligent weapon, suit of armor, shield, or item if it is one that you could make. Doing so costs half the raw materials and half the time it would take to craft that item in the first place.

Mechanics of Crafting Intelligent Items

The first thing that matters is where, precisely, the intelligence comes from. The most common is for the creator to fabricate an intelligence. This process takes at least one week of work, and the creator sets out the basics of their personality and mental scores, although mental scores may not be made in excess of the creator’s mental scores and the alignment must match the creator’s. A rarer way to procure an intelligence is to set a gem that is containing a soul from a Trap the Soul spell in the item, but this usually produces unpredictable results since such souls are rarely happy at their imprisonment (although it is a way for a wizard to trap the soul of a dying friend they are unable to otherwise save). The final, most extreme method for creating an intelligence is for the crafter to actually pour their own intelligence into the item. In this case, the caster must craft the item to completion, and then spend one week pouring their own soul into the item. At the end of the ritual, the crafter dies and his soul flows into the item, giving the item his mental stats and alignment and usually at least some of his spells. This represents a last resort for an arms crafter who knows he is dying, and is rarely undertaken by Divine casters. This also tends to produce the most powerful items, usually gifted with some manner of mobility and several powerful spells

Reforging Intelligent Items

It is possible to transfer the consciousness from one item into another. This transfers all the abilities of the intelligence, along with one half of any Enhancement bonus of its original item, into the new item (which stacks with the Enhancement bonus of the new item). It does not matter if the original item was a +2 shield and turns into a dagger, it still carries half the bonus (min 1) over. Most Intelligent items will only allow their original crafter (or a descendent thereof) to reforge them in this way.

Enhancing Intelligent Items

Intelligent items can be enhanced just like any other item, adding new qualities either to the intelligence or the item itself. It is common to increase the item’s mental scores at the same time (if the forger can do so), and this does not cost any extra time or material.


Rather than an Ego of 20 representing when items start exerting their mastery, we will instead play that items consider themself superior to any creatures with a CHA score that is more than 10 lower than their own Ego (so, a creature with CHA of 13 can use items up to Ego 23 without too much issue, but 24 would exert control)

Required Spells
  • Empathy: None
  • Speech: None (must speak at least one language!)
  • Telepathy: Telepathic Bond
  • Senses: None
  • Darkvision: Darvision
  • Blindsense: See Invisibility
  • Read Languages: Comprehend Languages
  • Read Magic: Read Magic
  • Any power that lets the item cast a spell: The spell in question
  • Magic Aura at will: Magic Aura
  • Ranks in a skill: At least that many ranks in the skill
  • Sprout Limbs and Move: Animate Objects
  • Can change shape: Polymorph any object
  • Can Fly: Fly.
  • Teleport: Teleport
  • Detect special purpose spells: None
  • +2 Luck Bonus: Creator must be cleric of Luck domain (or a Cleric with the Luck Domain must aid in its creation)
  • True Resurrection: True Resurrection.

Intelligent Items

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